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Anderson suggests that televised science fiction often deals with historical events and Wallace tells us that even Disney’s “Future World” is largely a story about the past. Why does popular culture continually return to the past for its narratives, even in mediums like science fiction, which are ostensibly about the future?

History has a strong link with today and the future because of popular memory which Wallace explains depends on a given community at a given time and how popular historical images and stories, Anderson says, influence Americans’ understanding of our mutual past. Wallace says, “Whether or not film and television are fundamentally useful to the needs of historical representation has been the subject of much controversy for historians.” TV is constantly looking back on history and can be found on many channels on TV like History Channel and PBS.

            In both articles it seems that television science fiction and Disney’s “Future World ” are indicators of the cultural processing. History is constantly being repeated on television, though it may be in different ways, its still shows how popular culture continues to return to the past and sometimes may give off the impression of not being closely related to history at all. In the case of historical events, television a model implement of cultural memory where history will constantly be repeated. In Mickey Mouse History Wallace talks about how it “provides the right kind of past for the hipper sensibility” and maybe professionals do not want us to know about the realities of our past and present but rather conform to stereotypes and by adopting convenient ideologies makes it easier to attract more people. Thus when trying to understand the importance of popular culture we must factor in historical representation that do not provide a valid understanding of the past.

Jun 24
Week 3 Question 3

Culture in social class is very different and are all influenced by many things such as their environment, religion and ethnicity but throughout the years culture transforms with time. Both culture and social class are intertwined and the members in each class make up cultural differences, culture can be defined by what society can collaborative agree on and find the most appealing and that the different classes create cultural differences.

In Halls reading, ideas of change and transformation greatly affect our culture. With every century, political struggle and power created a more prominent distinction between each of the social classes. He also explains how the terms ‘popular’ and ‘class’ have an intricate relation with one another, and the term ‘popular’ indicates separate relations of culture to class.  Throughout the reading he examines how popular culture comes from social class and that social class help the people decide what is popular. What greatly adds to what is popular is change, Hall says that popular culture comes with change and questions traditional forms of life. It is not chance that there are different characteristic forms of what we think of as traditional popular culture. Through ‘the people’s struggle and resistance generate change, people change thus culture will change.

It is important to keep social class in mind when examining popular culture because they both go hand-in-hand. Culture is perceived as a way of life and is constantly changing and ‘the people’ are the object of ‘reform’, their struggle and resistance add to the transformation of culture. 

Jun 17
Popular culture and Social class

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